Ultrasonic welding of plastic parts

It is the technology to form strong bond of thermoplasts, filled thermoplasts, composite materials and certain other materials by employing the oscillating ultrasonic energy in the bonds (welds).

The ultrasonic welding of plastics forms the bond by the perpendicular action of ultrasonic oscillations to the bond plane under the simultaneous action of thrust force. The action of the heat formed by the friction on contact surfaces or by the absorption of ultrasonic energy in materials in the welded point firstly results in softening followed by melting (and the mutual mixing of the contact materials) till the strong bond is formed in the point. Thrust force is left to act after the ultrasonic oscillations have been stopped for the bond to switch from the plastic condition to the rigid condition. The total welding time is short. If both operations are considered it usually does not exceed 2 - 3 s.