Společnost AMETYST MORAVIA, s.r.o. is focused on meeting the customer needs in the area of the thermoplastic part injection, surface treatment by plating in vacuum, and the assembly operations on lines and single-purpose machines and equipment.


  1. Our point is a distinct and reliable position of our company in the market and providing our customers with the quality products that meet their expectations. Our employees are always informed about the customer requirements. We want satisfied customers so we analyze and evaluate their satisfaction on regular basis.
  2. The company management lead by example for the other employees in their loyalty to the company, performance of work, morals, and compliance with the applicable legislation. The management also provide resources and conditions to meet the set corporate objectives and goals.
  3. The company assures active participation of all its employees by efficient communication and the development of individual knowledge and skills of its employees. Every employee knows his/her scope of work so employees are capable of performing their work exactly, timely and on the first occasion.
  4. The company owner personally undertakes to meet the requirements imposed by the Quality Management System and to improve unceasingly the QMS efficiency.
  5. Maintenance of the Quality Management System helps us to identify, manage and develop the corporate processes and activities. We perform periodic evaluation of the achieved performance of the Quality Management System and its processes.
  6. While cooperating with contractors and partners we put emphasis on the requirement for quality and reliability, adherence to the legal and legislative standards and regulation in force in the Czech Republic and in conformity with the EU legislation.

This corporate policy is accepted and supported by the company management of AMETYST MORAVIA, s.r.o. This policy is binding for all the employees and it is clearly communicated throughout the company.


In 2007 AMETYST MORAVIA, s.r.o successfully introduced and maintains the Quality Management System according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009. The established and functional Quality Management System assures high quality of services for our customers with an emphasis on the customer satisfaction and permanent improvement. Owing to the established Quality Management System we provide our customers with the service warranty in harmony with our corporate policy. Our future goal is not only defend our certification repeatedly but predominantly maintain the high level of services provided.